The Joshua Series

Joshua series

The Joshua Series is a powerful series of sermons, presented at Sure Hope Church during 2013 – 2014 by Pastor Dave Hatch.

The full series is timely, relevant, and deeply anointed, powerful in the Spirit of the Lord at work. It is encouraging, challenging, inspiring and convicting. It will speak to you personally, whatever and wherever you are in your spiritual walk with God right now.

The whole series is available in DVD format, you can download the whole series in a zip file, or you can listen to each sermon online. [DVD and zip file available soon.]

[Please note that this page is still under construction, and not all sermons are listed currently.]

What you choose today, will effect the fruitfulness of the rest of your life.  Good or bad fruit ?
Be very strong, be careful to obey all that is written in the Book of the Law of Moses, without turning aside to the right or to the left.
Listen to how, when you have "rest in the land" you often find that suspicion arises in the heart.

The Cities of Refuge

January 19, 2014
Listen to an explanation of Joshua 20, and how the cities of refuge in Joshua (also found in Numbers 35 and Deuteronomy 19) point towards the Church today - how…

How Long Will You Wait?

January 12, 2014
How long will you wait?  Be what God has planned you to be. God sent the Holy Spirit on the inside of you, so that you can be whole on…
Learn how to find peace in your land, or peace in your heart, by following God wholeheartedly in your actions day by day.
What made Caleb different? Listen to learn how Caleb's remarkable faith and wholeheartedness made a massive difference, and allowed him to receive God's promise to him forty years previously -…

The Big Clean Up

December 8, 2013
The spiritual battle - we need to war against the flesh and cleanse our lives of what we know to be sinful - the Big Clean Up! - otherwise it…
Listen to hear how Joshua was faced with a choice - does he support those who had tricked him into agreeing to accept them into his care, or does he…
We are involved in deadly spiritual warfare. To defeat the enemy we must clothe ourselves with spiritual armour.  
Pastor Dave continues his Joshua series...

Joshua Series Continued

October 13, 2013

Faith In Action

September 29, 2013
Listen to how the walls of Jericho came tumbling down, only because Joshua acted on his Faith.....

Joshua Series

September 22, 2013
Details to follow.....

Stacks of Stones

September 15, 2013

Joshua Series

August 18, 2013
More details to come...

Joshua series

August 11, 2013

Joshua the explorer

July 14, 2013

Lessons learnt

July 7, 2013
Listen how Joshua learnt: trust; obedience; passion; patience; and humility. The three main lessons for us from this sermon: there is a time to react; there is a time to…

Victory Champion

June 30, 2013
Learn from Joshua's life - wouldn't it be great to have been mentored by Moses? Listen to hear how we are all called to be leaders - to lead people…

Help is on the way

May 19, 2013
Do you love Jesus? Because He will help you. But if you love Him, you will obey Him. What's your obedience like today?