Our Vision

Developing a contemporary Christ-like Culture.

Know the HOPE, Live by FAITH, Walk in LOVE.

The congregation
The congregation

Sure Hope Church is committed to the preaching of the Gospel, with a demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power, working in signs and wonders. In the Good News of the gospel, we see the Power of God at work, in salvation, healing, and deliverance and Sure Hope Church would never want to be accused of “having a form of godliness but denying the power” (2 Tim 3;5).

Sure Hope's Got Talent evening
Sure Hope’s Got Talent evening

To be able to sustain the mighty move of God in the Church Community, we are committed to developing a “Contemporary Christ-like Culture” and this is our solid foundation for what God has planned in the coming years for Sure Hope Church. As a Community of God’s people we are to be “a family” in our outlook, we must be honest in our appraisal of who we are and what we do, and be focused in our vision for what God asks of us to do in the future.

Our Church Culture will always be contemporary, seeing that God and Sure Hope Church are not bound by the traditions of the past, whether that is in reformation, revival or renewal. He is the God of today, who was yesterday, and will be tomorrow – always relevant! We will therefore always be re-evaluating and re-considering the way that God would have Sure Hope Church to be relevant in this constantly changing society. Our God will lead us to change our ways and methods, without changing the message – “God so loved the world that He gave His Only begotten Son, so that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3;16)

Worship at Sure Hope Church
Worship at Sure Hope Church

We are committed to be a Church where people will enjoy and experience relevant, vibrant and inspirational worship. Where the Word of God is preached and taught without compromise or apology. A “Christ-like Culture”, will mean that the family of God are fed spirit, soul and body. A place where they feel safe, secure and able to serve God with all that they have and are.


The facility of Sure Hope Church gives us an exciting opportunity to fulfil this vision. We will be the place where God’s love is not only preached, but also experienced. “The Interchange” as the home of Sure Hope Church, will be a place where the Word of God is taught, where local Christians can meet together for prayer, and where the local community can benefit from social programmes developed for children, young people, the elderly, the poor and needy, and the marginalised. It will also offer modern, comfortable and welcoming “Conferencing Facilities” to the local business community. The Gospel after all is for the “whosoever”. Our vision must be with that as our focus in everything that we do.

Sure Hope Church is committed to fulfilling the Great Commission Jesus gave, “ to go and make disciples of all nations”. (Matt 28;19) We regularly support the work of different mission’s organisations around the world financially, prayerfully and practically.

Our sure hope, is that Sure Hope Church will become a sustainable model for what God wants to do in these, the last days before Jesus Christ returns. We will play our part in the revival that is coming, and the impact of such a revival will affect the whole of North Wales and beyond.

Old Colwyn and the Bay
Old Colwyn and the Bay, North Wales

Sure Hope Church is to be a place where people enter into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, knowing Him as both Saviour and Lord – where lives are changed, bodies healed and people are set free to serve God in the exciting future that He has planned for each one of us.