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Sure Hope Church is led by Pastor David Hatch and a team of  elders who have a heartfelt passion for the community and mission of Sure Hope. They are all genuinely excited at what God is doing in and through the church at this time…

Pastor Dave and Cristell
Pastor Dave and Cristell

Both Cristell and I are delighted to be in Sure Hope Church.  It is a wonderful journey that God has brought us on, and we are so grateful His grace that allows us to minister in His Name. It is so exciting to see what God is doing at this time. We believe that His heart is to bring many sons and daughters into His Kingdom in these last days before Jesus returns. We are privileged to be seeing new people joining with us at Sure Hope on a weekly basis, and testimonies of salvation and healing are coming through constantly. These are quite extraordinary days that we live in. The prophet Isaiah said, “see, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples” and that is surely an accurate description of what we see in society today. But Isaiah started off this prophetic picture by saying, “Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord rises upon you.” (Isaiah 60) This is our heart – to “Arise and Shine”. Jesus tells us, “You are the light of the world….. let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5) So, now is the time, this is the day, and we are in the setting of His choosing – so why not come and join us and lets shine together; because the Light truly does belong in the darkness!

The Eldership Team of Sure Hope Church


  • Pastor David Hatch

    Pastor Dave Hatch
    Pastor Dave Hatch

    Ps. Dave (or Pastor D as he is affectionately known) is originally from the North Wales area, but has also lived and worked in South Wales and Scotland. For several years he worked for Safeway Stores in the Petrol Industry, but then trained as a Driving Instructor. In 2000 he was called into the ministry, and has been the Pastor of Churches in Kilmarnock and Troon in Scotland, before moving to South Wales to Pastor in Ebbw Vale area, and Abergavenny. He was also actively involved in the leadership of Tab Life Centre, Pontllanfraith where he was instrumental in setting up Street Pastors for Blackwood, and the local Foodbank initiative. David has a heart for evangelism and seeing the miraculous works of God being evidenced in the life of the Church

  • Dave Fordham

    Dave FordhamDave has a heart to see God move in revival in the Church. In work, he holds the positions of Deputy Registrar and Academic Registrar for Bangor University. His academic background is in History and Theology. He is particularly inspired by the study of how God moved in the revivals of history, but he is now thoroughly challenged as to how the Church of today needs to be spiritually revived and to once again see the moving of the Holy Spirit in a demonstration of power in signs and wonders. The teaching of the Word of God, both practically and theologically is Dave’s gifting to the Church.

  • Kunle Lafe

    Kunle Lafe - February 2016

    I was born in Camberwell, South East London but grew up in Kent most of my life. I come from a very close family with two older brothers and one younger sister. I currently live with my beautiful and amazing wife; Josephine and Step-Son; Zacharias in Buckley, North Wales. I also have two Step- Daughters, three Nieces, two Nephews and another addition on the way.

    I spent 10 years in Lagos, Nigeria; which is where my family originate from. I was brought up in a Christian home and prayer was a big part of growing up from a very young age. For as long as I can remember, we had to be up by 5.30 am , ready for 6.00 am prayer every day of the week. Although we were regular church goers, I can’t say I had a personal relationship with the Lord. At the age of 17, I left Nigeria and came back to Kent.

    On returning to the UK, I stopped going to Church but never stopped believing in God. I always had a Bible and read it from time to time but wasn’t living the life of a true Christian. In 2002 I got saved by a Missionary to Africa, as I was walking to attend an interview. Even though I invited the Lord Jesus into my heart, I honestly didn’t realise just how much of an impact that prayer would have on my life and change the course of my life forever.

    In 2007 the Lord gave me a passion for Revival. I would find myself constantly praying for Revival and would read any book on the subject of Revival I could get my hands on, particularly the Welsh Revival of 1904. In 2010 I met Josephine and it was in that same year that the Lord spoke clearly to me and told me that “I would dwell in the land of His Mighty Warriors”. At the time I was still living in Kent and travelling by coach to visit Jo in North Wales. We had only just met , so the penny hadn’t quite dropped that the Lord was telling me that I was going to live in Wales, which would also mean marrying Jo. We eventually got married in 2012 and I relocated to North Wales.

    In 2014 , the Holy Spirit directed us to Sure Hope Church. On our very first visit, we sang a song about Revival and the land of Wales. I remember singing that song with tears running down my face and with a national pride and telling the Lord “Papa, I’m home”. I often joke with the Lord and tell Him that I must be half Welsh. But jokes apart, Wales is my Spiritual home and I love this dear nation with all my heart.

    We are so blessed to be part of the family of Sure Hope Church and I long to see God’s people and the unsaved, awakened to the call of the Precious Holy Spirit to Holiness and Sanctification. I believe that in these last days, the Lord is raising up an Army of Warriors, set apart from the things of this world who will not compromise on His Blessed Word and all that the Lord Jesus represents. For God has not called us to live a mundane Christian life but rather; a Supernatural Fire Filled life, as only this kind of Christian living, brings Glory and Honour to His Holy Name.

    I am passionate about the Word of God and the Awesome power that His Blessed Word holds. I long to see Miracles, Signs and Wonders in the body of Christ and will not give up till I see these things come to pass. I want to see the Greater Works that Jesus promised to those that believe in Him. I believe in a God Who delights in doing what man can’t do in his own strength and ability, but only by Faith and Action in the Mighty Name of Jesus and by the Power of His Precious Holy Spirit.

    How often we cry out to God to move, but the Lord is waiting for us to make the move. May we never cease to love one another, forgive one another, humble ourselves and always pray with expectation.

  • Pam Morris

    Pam MorrisPam has been a leader at Sure Hope for a number of years. Pam is incredibly enthusiastic and her faith in God uplifts everyone she meets. She is very positive and has a terrific heart for our community. Pam is both compassionate and pastoral and this is reflected in her ministry both in preaching and caring for members of both Church and community.

  • Richard Parkhouse

    Richard Parkhouse - February 2016

    Richard carries a passion for revival, having studied the great Welsh Revival of 1904-5. The coming of Jesus in all His fullness, by the power of the Holy Spirit, was exactly what overtook him and his wife Rachel in their “Damascus Road” experience in their twenties. Since then, the passion has grown ever stronger.

    He has presented what God did in Wales in several countries around the world, in the sure belief that, wherever mankind has gone since, God has not changed and can again invade the hearts of lost people who want Him everywhere.

    We share a tremendous sense of imminence in Sure Hope Church, that what Wales gave to the world over 100 years ago is about to happen again. God knows how – but He does!

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