Don’t shed a tear when autumn has come,
For some it means that life begun;
Autumn years for some means fall,
For others time to heed God’s call.

It’s how you see, not how you look,
That when it’s fall you’re not forsook;
No matter how life made you feel,
It’s time to live, it’s time to heal.

It’s time at last to take a stand,
To make a difference in this land.
Time may be short, may you be wise;
Let’s be honest, no more lies.

God’s calling you today, for sure,
But where to? What’s the lure?
His plans for you were always best,
His way, His Word, has stood the test.

So call on Him these autumn days,
Seek Him and follow all His ways.
He is the way, the life, the light,
Praise Him, worship Him, all you might.

And as you sing your final song,
Walk in love all your days long,
Say, “on this earth I loved to roam;
Soon, Abba, Father, I’m coming home!