Steve Gilmour - Sound of HeavenYou may have heard Steve Gilmour’s last album, “Sound of Heaven,” which has been a real blessing to everyone, particularly at Sure Hope Church. Indeed, we are blessed by his leading worship on many a Sunday.

Sound of Heaven was released around June / July 2014 and has sold out more than 400 CD’s, not counting digital downloads. It is still available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play, and Steve hopes to produce more CD copies very soon. Read more about Steve Gilmour on his Facebook page here.

We need your help!

All this is not without cost. To record and produce the last album cost £2,000. Steve is now ready to record and produce his next album – “All for love.” This will cost £3,000 to complete, which will release 400 CD’s of the new album, and a further 100 copies of the previous album.

Although £1,500 has already been raised from sales of the first album, there is a shortfall of £1,500.

All for love

The new album, “All for love,” is a combination of modern day melodic psalms of worship with a “battle cry” of victory.

Help Steve raise the money needed to complete and release the album – fill in a leaflet at church, or give online here.

Thank You!