Newsletter 001Last month’s headline was “Glory to God” or in Russian, “Slava Boga”…. This month it’s the same in Portuguese… “Gloria Deus!”  What a wonderful privilege it was for Ivan and myself to go to Brazil last month. When Graham Jones asked me if I’d like to go with him… I knew that this was the right time, and that what God was going to do in us, would have far reaching effects for Sure Hope Church.

As we come to the start of April, our first weekend is a busy one— Easter and a WildFires Saturday. But this year, there is more to it. I was thrilled when Akshay and Ellen asked whether they could involve the children from SPARKS in a special Easter Fayre presentation. With huge preparations and planning expertise, this weekend is going to be a “blast off “ . Bringing the truth of the Easter story, it’s real meaning and significance into the limelight, and letting the folks of Old Colwyn know that Easter has nothing to do with chocolate and bunny rabbits!  I am so delighted that this year we are taking such a huge step forward in this regard. In previous Easter Weekend’s I have felt somewhat disappointed that we had “missed it,” but now I really believe we are doing what Jesus commissioned us to do…

Newsletter 002And we do have such a wonderful story to tell! People are frustrated with all the electioneering, the broken promises, the hum-drum and the hopelessness. Most of the folks don’t have a clue as to what Easter is all about…. It may as well be chocolate and bunnies!  But wait a minute…It’s time to wake up. The Church has been sleeping far too long. The truth is that the Gospel works—it is indeed Good News …. This gentleman, Pablo, had been involved 28 years in Witchcraft, with up to 300 people coming to his house every day

Can you image  the effect that has had on his neighbourhood? Hundreds  of people can see for themselves the  difference  Jesus makes in your life. This was the moment when Pablo and his wife were baptised. I’ve never seen or heard anything so powerful in my life! Wonderful. The Pentecostal Churches in Brazil are mushrooming everywhere. We would pass over half a dozen churches in one main road as we travelled out to this converted factory unit in Canoas, Port Alegra. They are desperately looking for buildings that they can use! Not  seeing Chapels that are closing down, but empty factory units being converted to be used as Churches!  This is one such Church  in  Bauru, Sau Paulo State. A factory  unit Newsletter 003that holds over 100 people., beautifully  decorated and was packed nearly every night we were there. The people  are seeking after God with all their hearts. In their minds, “nothing is impossible  for God” and they duly see the miraculous and then believe for more.!!

Lets make this Easter a time for stepping out and believing for more! Why do we hold back so often? We very often make the excuse that it’s a cultural thing. Yes it’s true that the South American culture is very much more out going and exuberant…. But does that mean we should be boring, stiff, hard nosed and selfish? Not at all!  Look at what God has done in Butacutu, Ps. Branco had a remarkable vision from the Lord in 2004. He was shown the building that you can now see then, but at that time it was a disused factory site… now it’s a fabulous complex with a seating capacity for more than 2000 people. But that’s only the beginning… in 2004 he was shown the city bus station. The Lord said, “This will be needed to park the coaches that will bring the people from across Brazil when the end time revival begins.” Just a few weeks before we arrived, the local council had been in touch with him to ask whether he was interested in having the bus station! They wanted to move it to a more central location in the city!.

Newsletter 004These are momentous days that we are living in. My faith is stirred …. We have to believe for more, and be prepared to “go” all the more. What ever God has in store for us, it’s certainly doesn’t involve comfort and complacency! It takes commitment and conviction.  Be blessed, Ps. David