Better is one day in His house, than a thousand elsewhere

One day, just one day, that’s all it takes. To change a life, to change a circumstance, to save a life. Actually – it takes just a moment.

Just imagine what one day on our WildFires! Revival Conference might mean to you …

… could it change your life? Could it save your life?

Now, we are making it possible for people to come along on a day-to-day basis for the teaching alone, if they wish. The catering and the coaches have all been finalised – so we cannot offer lunch for those who come just for the morning teaching, or room on the coaches to travel to other churches in North Wales – sites of revival in 1904/5 – although you are welcome to join us using your own transport.

WildFires are getting hotter!

There is no doubt that things are getting hotter. Our usual meetings have become far more powerful, as we build up towards the conference this coming week. People are being impacted by the presence of God, and we believe we are seeing people becoming saved and delivered, and dare I say it, even healed by a touch from the King.

So come along – either for the morning teaching, or for the evening meetings – or for both, on any day from Wednesday through to Saturday. Each teaching session is available for £10, and the evening WildFires! meetings are free – a free will offering will be taken for those who have not booked for the teaching or the conference.

Please call the office on (01492) 514 021 on Tuesday 26th August, if you would like to come along for any of the morning teachings. Thank You.

It’s going to be wild, it’s going to be great, it’s going to be full of Him!