Walk in Love! It will spread like …

I can’t actually believe that August has arrived! With all the preparations for the Mini-Conference and the visit of the Brazilian Pastors, the month of July has disappeared in front of my very eyes. But here we are in August, with the prospect of our first WILDFIRE CONFERENCE at the end of the month. People are now booking in for what is going to be a wonderfully powerful time in God’s presence. From what we experienced on the Mini-WildFire Conference Day—who knows what God has in store for us!

I do believe that the week of Prayer and Fasting will be an important key this year. The importance of prayer, and particularly corporate prayer has never been more acute than when we all came together to pray for Lynn Fordham when she was so desperately ill a few weeks ago. As I type, Lynn is still with us, and has now been miraculously revived on 3 separate occasions when the medics believed that death was inevitable and imminent! These have been quite remarkable days, and nights—and we give God all the glory. On two occasions Lynn has been “commanded to wake up in Jesus Name” at which moment she revived, opened her eyes, and asked for a cup of tea, and last night—some candyfloss!
Our prayer times during the 2nd week of August will be focussing on the Conference, but not exclusively. These are VERY crucial times, but we are believing God for what others think is impossible, and our faith is rising to see such challenges as a done deal! With God, all things are possible!

Since my arrival at SURE HOPE CHURCH in 2010, we have publicised the phrase Know the Hope, Live by Faith, and Walk in Love on everything we have produced. Why? Because I believe that what we stand for, is not just a “knowing” of information, but a life that is Christ centred— a Christian Life that doesn’t just come out on Sunday morning, but effects everything I do and say, 24/7. This is a challenge for those who want to have a “Convenient Christianity”! Be warned, these are not the days to play such light hearted games. If I cannot be sure that I KNOW the HOPE of God in my heart EVERY DAY, then I will soon start to doubt and fear when the challenges of life come. And what about living by FAITH? We really know very little of it in the prosperous Western World. SURE HOPE CHURCH young people have just returned from Estonia and will be sharing with us how the dear folks believe God to supply all their needs—and He does, miraculously! We might look to VISA, but they have learned that God is their source and supply. And He comes through every time! No matter what the latest economic indicators look like, the cost of living, or the unemployment figures. As the pressures increase, we will need to truly know Who our source is. That includes everything we do, everything we need, and everything we have—it’s His, because He gave it to us!

And then that leaves us with the “Walk of Love”. I do get concerned on occasions by the reports of how some folks are comfortable with “looking the part” yet, when given the opportunity to share God’s love, step out to minister love and grace, they decide to “hide, backtrack, and even join in the gossip and slander.” It’s a walk of LOVE! Remember, Love covers a multitude of sins. Why are we all too keen to take the speck of dust out of our neighbour’s eye, when we have plank of wood in our own?

Whoever claims to live in Him must walk as Jesus did.

1 John 2 : 6

Now there’s a challenge! That’s exactly why we are saying, “Walking in Love”. It isn’t a nice catch phrase, it is supposed to be a way of life! Spend some time this week considering carefully what “walking as Jesus walked” would actually look like. How would that change your speech, change your behaviour and response in any given situation. See what a difference it will make to your state of mind, your health, and your growth as a Christian. Don’t keep focusing on what others should or should not be doing—look at your walk this week!

We know that the Apostle John is called the “Apostle of Love.” It comes through in all that he writes; but it wasn’t just what he wrote – it was the way he lived—whether in Jerusalem, or on the Isle of Patmos! Nothing changed or phased him. He wasn’t going to be deflected by opinion, neither was he going to forfeit his “knowing that he had eternal life”. This was a way of life, a walk of love, that he learnt from his Master—Jesus Christ. Now, we carry the name of Christ, so let’s make sure we walk like He walked. Talk like He talked and live by FAITH! It’s going to be a ride of a lifetime (cos that’s how long this walk lasts). There will be some high’s and there will be some low’s—times when we think we understand, and times when we haven’t got a clue! But that won’t effect our walk, our talk, or our faith—because we are following the lover of our souls, JESUS. John says, “As you have heard from the beginning, his command is that you walk in Love.” ( 2 John 6)

It’s going to be a WildFire!!

Ps. D