Penuel Chapel - Revival 1904What a wonderful privilege it was to visit this beautiful Chapel last week. I went along with Richard Parkhouse and met up with Mr. Davies, the present secretary of Penuel Chapel. We were totally overwhelmed by the wonderful way this chapel has been maintained, with it’s fabulous woodworking, decoration and carpeting. We are most certainly in for a treat when we take the coach party during the WildFires Revival Conference in August. Richard has already prepared his teaching on what happened in this little village 110 years ago, and it was great to be able to talk with Mr. Davies who shared some of the stories that his grand-father told him as a boy, about what happened in 1904. His grand father had been the chapel secretary at the time of the revival and saw the men stagger into the chapel from the pub opposite, bottle in hand, and fall prostrate on the floor under the power and presence of God—and come to know Jesus as their Saviour!

How wonderful! Of course we can’t keep reminiscing about what happened 110 years ago in Wales—as much as we like to do it! But in our conversations, Richard shared how it can be seen from revival history in Wales, the land of Revivals, that God very often re-visited the previous sites of visitation—as he put it, “Where God’s footprint has already been!” How lovely…. We look forward with great anticipation to what God is about to do again.

On July 20th we are in for a special treat too! A group of Brazilian Pastors are coming over for a Conference in Liverpool called “Release the Fire!” which is being held on Friday 18th July and Saturday 19th July in Liverpool Hope University. These pastors have just come out of a full blown revival situation in Brazil, and are  VERY excited about coming to Wales. We will have the wonderful privilege of having one of these Pastors preach on Sunday 20th July and know something of “releasing the fire” in Sure Hope Church. That is surely a Sunday morning not to be missed, and please get the word out. Who knows what God will do? And, of course we need such a breakthrough. We have prayed, waited, called, shouted and believed … and we continue to believe for a “WildFire” of God’s power and glory to once again be manifest in our land of Wales. What makes things a little more interesting is that we will be hosting a “mini-conference” day on Tuesday 22nd of July for these 35 Brazilian Pastors! We have agreed to host them during the day, bringing a shortened teach of what happened in North and South Wales in 1904 and then take them over to Llangefni on Angelsey to visit Christmas Evans’ chapel where we will be holding a “WILDFIRE” revival meeting! How wonderful that will be. There will then be an evening service in Antioch Church, Colwyn Bay at 7.30pm. I’m sure you will not want to miss this powerful opportunity to be in a Revival Atmosphere, with men who are currently enjoying a mighty move of God in Brazil.

Gosh, this is going to be an exciting month. All preparations for our WILDFIRES conference are in full swing, and we have just had some exciting news that a party from Geneva will be joining us, and a Pastor from Texas. One of the party from Geneva is expected to be Huw Priday, the famous Welsh Tenor who has sung for audiences worldwide, and famously sang “Here is Love, vast as the ocean”. It is hoped that he will be able to sing during some of the evening “WildFire Revival Meetings during our Conference.

If you are intending coming to the Conference but haven’t booked in yet, then this may well be a good time to at least let us know that you intend coming! We do have to make decisions about numbers of coaches required etc for the visits to Rhosllenerchregog and Llangefni etc. Some people have been asking whether they can just come on a daily basis, or to the evening WILDFIRE nights. The answer is yes to both. We have agreed a teaching only rate of £45 for the four days—Wed 27th to Saturday 30th. In the evenings we will be taking up a free-will offering for those who have just come as visitors, while those who have paid for the conference full rate will be under no obligation. Please let us know asap if you are planning to be part of this great adventure. We have a half page advert in July’s addition of “ibelieve” with a readership of 25,000 around the UK so we are expecting to hear of a growing interest in the next few days.

So, we look to God. This has been a rather different monthly newsletter I know, but with so much news to tell, I couldn’t help myself in passing it on. And that’s the point. This is not the time to be shy, we really should be bold in telling people what God is doing. We pray for breakthrough. We need to see it. We have serious health situations that we earnestly look to God to answer and bring healing—so let’s not be shy, be bold, be strong, for the Lord our God is with us…. And we will see a WildFire break out in Wales.

Ps. David