Bishop says there is no God!


Well, unbelief in high places.

We can all struggle with our faith at times, but when the former Bishop of Edinburgh admits that 5 years into his post, he lost his faith in God, then there is hope for us all!

It’s no wonder he was known as the “barmy Bishop,” according to the Scotsman, as he proclaims in his recent biography:

“there may be no God in the universe, but let’s live as though there is”

How’s your faith today? Are you full of faith, or drowning in doubt? Do you lack faith in that there is a God in the universe? Or, for many, although you may believe that there is a God in the universe, do you believe that He listens to you, cares for you, loves you? When you are going through tough times – as many of us are at the moment – it can be difficult to hold on to that faith that God is there, and that He is there for us.

We are seeing some amazing things at Sure Hope Church right now – people arriving on the doorstep not knowing why or how they got here, people calling us from all over the world asking how we can help them move here, and people feeling a real presence of the Holy Spirit as they worship.

But still we see many that seem to doubt, some that harbour unbelief, and others who find it difficult to accept the supernatural God – the God who moves in healing, signs and wonders.

As we approach our WildFires! Revival Conference in August, we are reminded of a word which was spoken to us, which said that we would be tested, we would be attacked, we would be challenged.

But there must be a breakout, before the breakthrough, before the blessing.

And for the breakout, we must dig deep. The time for comfortable Christianity has come to an end. It’s a battle!

When we hear of the Bishop declaring that “there may be no God,” let us break out and declare – loudly and passionately – that not only THERE IS A GOD, but that He is a God of breakthrough, that He is a God of blessing – and we WILL see healing, signs and wonders, in the name of Jesus!

“These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe”

Matthew 16:17