WildFires! Revival Conference 2014

Yes – it was prophesied – revival is coming like a “wildfire” to Wales! Our Revival Conference 2014 is taking place during August 27th – 31st, with a special WildFires meeting at Sure Hope Church on Saturday 31st. It’s going to be a fantastic few days of revival history, revival...

What's going on here?

I will be grateful for all the little things ...
Worship Night with Hans Kraenzlin
"This week, I declare that I will show my faith by my good deeds"
Prayer Course
Mini WildFires Conference
We would love to welcome you at Sure Hope Church very soon. Why not drop in to the Bean Bar for a coffee, or a snack, or come along on a Sunday morning for worship, the Word of God, and friendly fellowship.
Know the Hope, Live by Faith, Walk in Love